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  Analysis: Agreement on Use of Data

Please read and comply with these conditions. Clicking on the link below indicates your acceptance of these rules.

  • Each dataset and metadata description archived in this database remains the intellectual property of the individuals, laboratories, or organizations responsible for the recording, processing, annotation, and submission of the attributed data.
  • Use of these data requires recognition of contributions of the above parties. For published datasets, this must include citation of literature references accompanying datasets. For unpublished datasets, this should include a citation of the form: (investigator(s) name(s), databased dataset(s)). Extensive re-use requires explicit permission of the submitter; in some cases, an agreed-upon collaboration may be appropriate.
  • We also ask that re-use of any data from this site include as well an acknowledgment such as: "Data used in this study were delivered via neurodatabase.org -- a neuroinformatics resource funded by the Human Brain Project."

I acknowledge these conditions and my use of any data from this database will be compliant.




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