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  Server Tools for Spike Train Analysis

The Analysis Client is a tool to help you prepare data for submission to the Analysis Server by allowing you to select the algorithms and their modular parameters. The client will consist of a sequence of dynamically-generated HTML forms, through which you can create, enter, or modify data. The sequence for the analysis process is as follows:

  1. Data Upload: Specify dataset from Neurodatabase.org or upload your data in BrainML format.
  2. Segmentation/concatenation: Select and assemble relevant segments of dataset traces for analysis.
  3. Grouping: Category-based information analysis depends on assigning segmented and concatenated traces to specific categories (control/exprimental, stimulus-A/stimulus-B, ...). Create and name groups for analysis and assign traces to these groups.
  4. Algorithms: Choose information-theoretic and debiasing analysis methods and parameters.
  5. Run Analysis: Submit your analysis to the server.
  6. Results: Receive your results from the server.
At any point in the sequence, you can view a summary of the steps you have taken.

Some of the forms must be completed before you can proceed to the next step. This ensures that all the information required for the analysis are submitted to the Analysis Server.

Should you wish to schedule an analysis job for processing, please contact our lab at neurodatabase (AT) med.cornell.edu.



Weill Medical College of Cornell University