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If you have never contributed to a wiki, or are unfamiliar with DokuWiki syntax, you may want to look quickly at the basic syntax. If you'd rather just dive in, there are toolbar icons to simplify common syntax usage, and you'll have the chance to preview a page before saving the changes. Remember, in a wiki mistakes are easily changed.

Getting Started

Pages in a wiki are typically all interconnected, thus the simplest way to create a new page is to make a link to it in an existing page. For instance, you might browse the tips page, and discover that you have a lot to say. Simply add a line to the tips page such as:

For additional help using the metric space method with auditory recordings, please see [[usage:tutorials:metric-auditory|this tutorial]].

This line will appear as “For additional help using the metric space method with auditory recordings, please see this tutorial.” You may then follow this new link, and hit the “Create this page” button.

Note that pages in this wiki are organized by namespaces (e.g., “usage” in the example above), which function similarly to directories. You may also create a new unlinked page, though this is discouraged, as it will be more difficult for users to find your page. However, if you'd like to do so, you may right-click on a namespace on the navigation tree to the left, and select “New Page Here”, or type the would-be URL into your browser (e.g.,


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