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On this page you can find information about various collaborations between the STAToolkit, and other tools worldwide. If you know of a collaboration that doesn't appear here, please add it.


CARMEN is a UK-based consortium effort to create a virtual laboratory for neurophysiology, including code analysis, repository and modeling. The consortium has expressed interest in integrating the STAToolkit into their analysis suite, in hopes of leveraging our information theoretic analysis tools for their diverse community of e-neuroscience users. We look forward to working with the developers in this valiant endeavor.

Update: The CARMEN executive has met, and co-P.I. Prof. Leslie Smith writes to “confirm that we will want to put up the [STAToolkit] services” starting in early 2010, following a planned CARMEN upgrade.

Daniel Gardner 2010/01/05 12:21


The developers of PyEntropy have recently incorporated portions of the STAToolkit code, in order to perform NSB entropy estimation. The new PyEntropy code is currently available in the repository, and the pending release is expected in January/February 2010. We're proud to be a part of efforts to bring information theoretic tools to the wider Python community.

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